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Will Newman founded Wordsmiths Marketing in 1996. He is the sole copywriter for Wordsmiths, but he shares other duties with his wife, Linda.

Born in 1948 on Guam, Will spent most of his childhood in San Francisco. He graduated with honors from the University of California in Biochemistry and worked for five years as a research associate in an Organic Geochemistry laboratory at U.C. Berkeley. During this stint in the lab, he studied chemical evidence for evolution as well as returned lunar samples.

After meeting his future wife in Oakland, Will discovered the joys of social contact and decided the requisite 60 to 80 hours a week in the lab was not his idea of a full and satisfying life. He then became a teacher of severely disabled children, a career he calls "the best thing I have ever done."

After 20 years in education, Will apprenticed himself to Lee Troxler, one of the top copywriters in the United States. Will worked with Lee for over a year and has subsequently been mentored by some of the other top copywriters in the country including Bob Bly, Mark Ford, and Don Mahoney.

Will currently lives in the small mountain community of Dunsmuir, California, with Linda where he is very active in civic and social affairs. He states that his varied work and life experiences, including living in both urban and rural areas, have suited him well for copywriting.

For instance, his background in biochemistry and his experience with personal computers since 1981, makes it easy for him to understand the medical, nutritional, and technical aspects of sales. Other personal experiences such as living in Japan for a year, working with Lee Troxler, helping establish a children's museum in Dunsmuir, provide a strong background for writing a wide array of promotional material.

'My background has given me a great many experiences to draw from in writing,' Will Newman says. 'But most important, I've been blessed to have known a wide range of people of all ethnic, social, and racial backgrounds personally. When I have to write to a particular group of potential customers, I feel I know them personally because I have met them in my day to day life. I've worked and played with them, and I know how they think and what motivates them to buy."

In addition to writing, Will also coaches and critiques copywriting students.

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